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One Serve At A Time

AMC Process Service is located in Barberton, Ohio. We provide dependable, on-time and cost effective services for Northeast Ohio residents who need alternatives to conventional service and delivery methods. These services include: 1) Service of legal documents to plaintiffs, defendants and third parties in family law, personal injury and other civil cases; 2) Retrieval of documents (certified and uncertified) from local court houses and delivery of these documents to commercial and residential customers; 3) Notary public services administering acknowledgements and jurats for affidavits, vehicle titles and more. AMC Process Service combines resourcefulness with a number of technological approaches to satisfy customer needs.

We believe that communication is a significant key to success. Therefore, AMC Process Service provides change of status updates to its customers to ensure peace of mind and professional accountability while on assignment. We offer same day, priority and standard delivery options to accommodate a variety of cases and financial plans. AMC Process Service is a Standing Process Server for the Summit County Domestic Relations Court, which saves time, money and effort to perfect service in cases emanating from that court. We provide our mobile notary services for customer convenience.