AMC Process Service offers mobile notary services for businesses and private individuals.  We perform notarial acts that fall into two basic categories: acknowledgements and jurats.  An acknowledgement is a confirmation without an oath being performed.  The signature for an acknowledgment does not have to be witnessed by the notary.  A jurat, however, involves a sworn oath to attest to the truth of what is being declared.  The signature for a jurat must be witnessed by the notary.  Some documents require an acknowledgement, while other documents require a jurat to be administered.  Consult with an attorney to know which act you will need.

Not every document requires notarization.  However, here are a few document types that are commonly notarized:

  • Affidavit
  • Agreement
  • Consent Form
  • Contract
  • Power of Attorney
  • Vehicle Title

Notary Fee

We charge a notary fee of $5.00 per notarial act; see ORC §147.08 (A)(1).  This notary fee is not calculated on a per signature basis; see ORC §147.08 (C).  For example, if a document requires the notary to sign twice, this would only constitute one notarial act and require a single notary fee.  Separate documents from the same individual, however, could constitute separate notarial acts and require more than one notary fee to be charged.  Speak with AMC Process Service staff if you have any questions regarding how we charge notary fees.

Travel Fee

We also charge a reasonable travel fee, which will be agreed to by the notary and the customer before the notarial act is performed; see ORC §147.08 (D).  When determining a fair amount to charge for this fee, distance and time of day are considered as relevant factors.  For example, if a mobile notary appointment is arranged outside of normal business hours, the travel fee in this instance may be a little higher than the travel fee charged for an appointment during business hours.  In addition, further driving distances will likely see a bit higher travel fee than closer destinations.  Ask AMC Process Service staff for the exact amount of travel fee that you will be charged before scheduling your mobile notary appointment.