We provide service of process for plaintiffs, defendants and third-party individuals in civil, probate and bankruptcy cases. More specifically, AMC Process Service hand delivers legal documents for pro se litigants, licensed attorneys and business entities who need prompt service results in compliance with the Ohio Rules of Procedure. Types of cases include, but are not limited to, contract disputes, property disputes, tort claims, estate administration and personal asset liquidation (Chapter 7) matters.

Regardless of the service of process purchased, AMC Process Service offers a number of background services that provide added protection against bad service claims and ensure peace of mind. These services include: three (3) service attempts, important status updates (online, phone or text message), GPS data capture for every serve, bodycam footage of every serve and a filed return of service with the clerk of courts. A small list of the common documents we serve for our clients are listed below:

  • Affidavit
  • Answer
  • Brief
  • Complaint
  • Counterclaim
  • Decree
  • Exhibit
  • Judgment Entry
  • Memorandum
  • Motion
  • Order
  • Petition
  • Pleading
  • Subpoena (Deuces Tecum)
  • Summons

Express Service (Same Day)

Some situations require swift legal action, in order to comply with local rules or avoid adverse court rulings such as immediate case dismissal. In addition, some people are severe flight risks and attempt to evade service when they believe that a new court case is being filed against them. In these instances, time is of the essence, which is when the Express Service becomes a valuable asset. Under express service, we will provide same day service attempts for requests that are accepted and ready to be served before 12:00 pm. Please consult with AMC Process Service staff regarding this service.

Priority Service (1-3 days)

Occasionally, a case arises when express process service is not absolutely necessary, but prompt service efforts are most advisable to move a case forward. The Priority Service is effective in such instances, and AMC Process Service offers this package at a very affordable price. All reasonable efforts are made to resolve your service issues in a quick, efficient and timely manner for your convenience.

Standard Service (3-5 days)

The majority of legal circumstances do not require accelerated service efforts, and so AMC Process Service offers the Standard Service package a staple item to its customers. Most of the major features (e.g., GPS data capture, bodycam footage and return of service) offered in the Express and Priority services are available in this package at a lower cost.