AMC Process Service charges $5.00 as a notary fee.  This is separate from the travel fee.  For more information, click here.

AMC Process Service charges a travel fee for mobile notary services.  This is separate from the notary fee.  The exact amount charged depends on a number of factors.  For more information, click here.

Yes.  AMC Process Service will notarize your Certificate of Title for a car, truck or boat.  Remember that both the seller and buyer must complete and sign the title in front of the notary.  Do not sign the title ahead of time.  Erasures or alterations of any kind will void the title.  Visit the Ohio BMV and Summit County Clerk of Courts for additional information.

AMC Process Service will make a minimum of 3 attempts to perfect service.  This number, however, is not set in stone as additional service attempts may be made in some cases.  More specifically, more service of process attempts may be made in situations where they are reasonably calculated to achieve successful service.  Contact AMC Process Service staff for more details.