• Why Should I Hire A Process Server?

Why Should I Hire A Process Server?

Why Should I Hire A Process Server?

May 23, 2024
Why Should I Hire A Process Server?

Local court rules often allow documents to be served by a shipping company, deputy sheriff, court bailiff or process server. With all of these different choices available, why hire a process server?

People often avoid service to frustrate the court process

A commercial shipping company such as FedEx is not equipped to handle such evasion because it has very demanding route responsibilities. With millions of deliveries to make each year, a shipping business only has a matter of moments to devote to each service attempt, which is not near enough to time to perfect personal service in many situations. Likewise, issues exist with sheriff or bailiff service because service of process is usually assigned as an added duty, not a primary one. This means that their time is divided between their lawful responsibilities and less specific time to concentrate on a successful serve. Experience shows that evasive people have little difficulty avoiding service attempts by these sources. However, know that a process server has much more time and flexibility to schedule service attempts, investigate difficult to find targets and get the job done in a timely manner. Please review the service of process offerings we provide.

Time is of the essence in court cases

In the case of a major shipping company, procedures require that several processing steps are taken before paperwork can be shipped through its network.  Pick up or drop off times can have undue delays or are periodic in nature. For example, when a court requires that the documents to be served must be first prepared in a packet by the clerk of courts, these packets often sit and wait in the clerk of courts office for shipment. This makes priority service options difficult or impossible, and it is just a byproduct of dealing with a large processing system. A sheriff or bailiff will also have processing hurdles to overcome. Especially in the instance of a deputy sheriff, the processing delay in many jurisdictions can be a week or more until a service attempt is made. Fortunately, much of this red tape is eliminated with a process server.  Using the example above, once a process server has been assigned to a case and all documents are available through clerk of courts, a process server has the ability to pick up the paperwork at any reasonable time to begin service. In circumstances where documents can be submitted via email, service of process can be started by a process server almost immediately. This means that same day or priority service will be available in cases that require fast delivery.

Ohio has specific rules for service that must be followed

More explicitly, the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure have detailed instructions as to the entities, methods and limitations of service. These same rules are particular regarding prohibited types of service and, in some instances, who may not be directly served.  Navigating these guidelines can be quite complicated. While a commercial shipping company may be the best option for shipping new electronic equipment to the front door, or a sheriff or bailiff is the best option for responding to instances of protection, a process server is the best option for service of process matters. A process server best understands the nuances of process service and can help avoid issues that could result in an unnecessary continuance or an outright case dismissal.